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Nabi launches massive Big Tab Android tablets for kids

Nabi has announced its range of Big Tab Android tablets that come in 20-inch and 34-inch sizes that came loaded with a range of Child-friendly apps.nabi-bigtab-android-tablet

The 20-inch Big Tab HD will feature an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 1600×900 display and 16GB internal memory. The tablet includes a Game Room Suite for playing multiplayer games like air hockey, board games and more. The device runs a customized version of Android with Blue Morpho skinning which appeals to children. The company parent company Fuhu has only used Android for the tablets and Nabi’s latest product will be loaded with Android Kitkat 4.4.4.

Nabi has placed certain limitations on the tablet like limited battery as kids will not be able to use it for more than half-a-hour and the lack of external storage. However big screen tablets are known to drain the battery in a short time. The tablet also has controls to change to kid-friendly experience and parent mode that runs without restrictions.

Nabi, known for developing child-friendly educational tablets joins the league of ‘tabletop’ tablet makers like HP, Acer and Lenovo. The tablets include about 35 interactive books, several games and a library of videos from Cartoon Network and Disney and many more educational features. More apps can be downloaded from the app store.

The company mentioned that the tablet makes way for social interaction and monitoring of the children’s activities makes the device stand out among other tablets in the market. The Big Tab HD tablet will be available by fall is priced at $449 for the 20-inch size and at $549 for 24-inch size.

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