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Microsoft rolls out Xbox One updates; race with PlayStation 4 stiffens

According to many experts, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had more success than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Statistically speaking, the sales of PlayStation 4 have been way more than that of Xbox One. In spite of having very much the similar features, Xbox One has suffered quite a bit already. Probably with the aim to counter the falling success in the market, Microsoft’s is launching its series of updates for Xbox one. The reports have it that the update will add on various new features and enhancements.Microsoft rolls out Xbox One updates; race with PlayStation 4 stiffens

The updates are already set to be a part of the Xbox Live membership and will only be available to the users who are a part of the Xbox Live Preview Program. According to some, the main reason behind the selective initial rollout is that Microsoft wants to gauge the performance before the final launch for all. It will be extremely interesting to see if and when Microsoft finally releases the updates globally.

In spite of being very much similar and efficient as PlayStation, Xbox has found it a bit difficult to attract huge number of customers. According to the reports, Sony has sold more than 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles since its launch in November 2013. On the other hand, Microsoft has shipped its half. The fact that Microsoft is still on the sales figures shows that the company is terribly looking for means to increase it.

The experts are of the thought that the release of the new updates is mainly aimed to help Xbox One gather some pace in the race with PlayStation 4. According to the official blog of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Chief Larry Hyrb, updates are expected in the party app, the new friends section, Media Player, Xbox One Digital TV Tuner, Boot to TV, SmartGlass Updates, Country Expansion, Bandwidth Usage display, etc.


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