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Microsoft issues hotfixes for the recent Internet Explorer 7 to 11 patches

Microsoft has released hotfixes to fix the issues in Internet Explorer patches released in July and August that affected the performance of the browser. And, there is a surprise for you! Microsoft wants its Windows users to give their browser another chance.Microsoft-IE-bug

The patches, MS14-037 released in July and the MS14-051 caused the browser to slow down and less responsive in the versions of IE 7 to 11. The hotfix released by Microsoft to fix the issue is either the KB2962872 or KB2976627 update. Microsoft has not mentioned whether the hotfix would be applied automatically though it’s better for users to fix the problem early through the Windows update in the Control panel.

“Web applications that implement consecutive modal dialog boxes,” as reasoned by Microsoft for the issue faced by the browser.

The problem was faced by Windows Vista and Windows 8.1 users who use various versions of the browser. Users who want to update their Internet Explorer versions can head to Microsoft’s website which has a list of all versions of the browsers from version 7 to 11. Microsoft had faced issues with three specific updates in this month and has released hotfixes to fix the same.

During August, Microsoft had announced that it would change the list of configurations for Internet Explorer by January 12, 2016. The move is aimed at bringing in users to Internet Explorer 11 and other obsolete versions will not get updates and security fixes. The  company also finds it difficult in resale patches for several versions of the browser. Once the list comes into effect, Windows XP users will have to opt for Windows Vista or Windows 8.1 as IE 11 is not supported on the platform.


According to the report by metrics vendor Net Applications, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has a 58 percent ‘user share.’ This is the rough measurement of the global computer users with a specific browser. If this data is true, then this number is almost triple of Google Chrome browser, which has 20 percent of ‘user share.’

In 2005, Internet Explorer had 89 percent of user share, while then-second-placed Mozilla Firefox had only 6 percent of user share, measured by the same Net Applications. Microsoft had the lowest user share in December 2011, where the IE had only 52 percent of ‘user share.’

As the company sees the potential in its web browser, it wants its Windows users to give IE a second chance. Microsoft IE developer Jonathan Sampson argued on the Reddit AMA:

“Often times the decision to not use Internet Explorer is largely based on experiences from a decade ago, and a much different IE. “That being said, we know it’s our job to change the public perception, and to win the hearts of users everywhere. Each [person who] opens IE, and downloads another browser, is another person we’ll be working even harder tomorrow to win back.”

Read more about the Reddit AMA here.


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  1. Microsoft is crumbling. They've apparently lost or destroyed their core competency. This is the umpteenth time they've had to pull a major patch that blue-screened Microsoft systems during the last 12 months.

    Turns out my main application is now subject to this brand new bug on ALL MS IE browsers and there's a specific hotfix for each DIFFERENT IE version on each DIFFERENT Microsoft OS, with separate versions for each of those in x86 and x64:


    Oh, and you can apply the hoxfix only if one or more specific problematic updates have already been applied to the OS.

    I have no idea how I could go about programmatically figuring all of that out and applying the right hoxfix on the many PCs my application runs on.

    Microsoft is truly doomed when it reaches this point of complexity in trying to back-fix update problems of its own creation.

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