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Facebook messenger app criticized in online reviews

Facebook’s messenger app has received a one-star rating from more than 59,000 out of 64,000 users in online reviews in the past one month.Facebook-mobile-Reuters3

After Facebook started forcing users to download the Messenger app for sending messages between Facebook users, the 2,700 five-star ratings by users have been beat down by the one-star ratings in the App Annie website. The research was done by App Annie, a business intelligence and analytic website, where users can review the program without actually verifying whether they are Facebook users.

A Facebook spokesperson mentioned that there were 200 million messenger users every month and it would work towards improving its services. He added that new features for sending photos, videos and texts are being added. Many reviews complained that the messenger app was similar to the existing Facebook app that drained battery and memory.

“Messenger is used by more than 200 million people every month, and we’ll keep working to make it even faster and more engaging way to connect with people,” said Facebook spokesman in a statement to CNET.

Facebook has not responded to the growing criticism for the messenger app. While users will be able to receive messages on the main Facebook app, they are directly to the messenger app if they need to respond. App Annie has been a platform for  critics to vent out the anger and had received only 1.2 star rating for the app. However the company has over 1 billion users worldwide who have not yet posted their reviews which was the reason for the company has not yet responded to the criticism.

Facebook has already denied all the privacy concerns over the app saying that the company wanted to “avoid confusion of having separate Facebook experiences”. The company move has not gone down well with several users posting bad rating on the Play Store. The company mentioned that the permissions were for the app to work and not for intrusion of privacy. The permissions are required for the site to display content related to user friend lists and interests, the company added.

However iOS users have the option of customizing permissions where a user can disable access to microphone if no calls are done via the Messenger app. Android users have to agree to all permissions before installing the app. Both iOS and Android apps use the same Facebook data policies for use of information. Despite privacy concerns, many users have downloaded the Messenger app, who disappointed with Facebook’s move to split the chat feature into another app.

Meanwhile, Facebook maintains a separate help page, that offers a variety of information regarding those permission requests. This will make you believe that Facebook isn’t spying on you through their messenger app.

  • Text Messaging: The permission request for Text message is to verify your mobile number, by sending a text message to your smart phone.
  • Using Camera and Microphone: This permit request is not obviously for spy on you. Rather than that, Messenger app requires those permissions for making video call and also to record voice for audio messages.
  • Address book access: For showing your contacts right from the messenger app, it requires this permission request. Facebook has no idea of sending unwanted advertisement text to your contacts.

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