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Ford issues a recall of 160,000 Focus STs and Escapes

The year 2014 continues with the recall stories one more time as Ford Motor Corporation made 4 new recalls on Friday. Ford has precisely made 1 large recall and three small one involving not more than 1500 cars. On the other hand the Corporation made a large recall of 160,000 2013-14 Ford Focus STs and Escapes. This is yet another major contribution made by Ford Motor Corporation in the total number of cars that has been recalled this year. Although there are many other car makers who have suffered from similar fate this year, Ford has made a distinct mark in the recall scenario.Year 2014 continues as Ford makes another recall of 160,000

According to the reports, the recall made by Ford involves 2 liter engine cars of North America. The reports are that the main issue is with the engine wiring harness, which has led to a much reduced car performance. The poor electrical connections are making the execution of other processes difficult as well.

The main risk involving the issue is that it can bring the car to a stall anytime without any indication to the driver. The issue is not a huge one and can be taken care of by replacing the wiring splices. It is good to see that Ford has taken on the responsibility well ahead of any serious trouble as the defective cars have not led up to any serious accidents till date.

The other recall includes 1300 2015 built Ford Transits. The cars have been recalled on the grounds of a potential leak of fluid liquids. The cargo Vans under the same models have also been recalled by Ford for issues with the sliding doors. In this case the number of cars has been very small at just 600. The other set of recalled cars includes the Lincoln MKC crossovers and the corporation is calling them back owing to some issues with the Wind Shields.


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