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Swedish Firm AlgoTrim acquired by Apple

It has been come to news that Apple has acquired a Swedish firm named AlgoTrim. Algotrim is a firm which develops codecs, design solutions which help in maximizing the performance of mobile imaging, data, computer and video graphics etc. As Apple has now taken control over AlgoTrim, now their products will be more efficient and will use less bandwidth and the quality of these products is also going to be great.

Previously in the year 2012 AlgoTrim announced that they are going to develop a Photo Album app for KDDI, a Japanese carrier. With the help of this photo album the processing of JPEG images would have been increased up to six time more than the normal.

AlgoTrim was founded in 2005 and has been developing products from 2005 till now. Mobile phones were equipped with the codes and started to roll out from the year 2006.

AlgoTrim also provides data compression services but their main aim is to improve the imaging solutions for mobile devices so that the latest computational photography can be achieved. If you don’t know about Computational Photography let me tell you that by computational photography you can achieve great imaging solutions using sensors, intelligent light, computing. Computational Photography will provide much more accurate images with detailed quality by making each pixel visible to the naked eye.

AlgoTrim can help Apple in bringing new camera hardware, features which will help Apple to bring their products to the next level. Not only AlgoTrim deals in providing imaging solutions but they also help in providing great features but at low power consumptions.


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