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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Release date, specs [rumors]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is probably the next high-end Smartphone that hits the market soon. What makes Samsung’s smartphone as one of the best in the business is the fact that it enjoys a healthy competition within itself. The competition exists not only within the various models of Samsung Smartphones but also within the ancestors and predecessors of the same line of products. With Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released last year and Samsung Galaxy S5 this year, it is quite obvious that the next model to be launched will be Samsung Galaxy Note 4.Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Rumors and Speculations

The position that Samsung finds itself presently has a lot to do with the quality of devices that it has been delivering for long now. As a result, the heat of Samsung Galaxy S5 has not cooled yet, but there exist rumors about the next model in the Note series. There are quite a few rumors about Galaxy Note 4 that exists in the media. The rumors have been hyped a lot more considering the fact that after Galaxy S5, it is the turn of a device from the Note series. This also shows the hold that Samsung has over the market of Smartphones compared to its nearest competitor Apple.

The rumors have it that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be having a screen size of approximately about 5.9 inches. The majority of the people probably believes the fact because of the existence of devices like HTC One Max and LG G Pro 2. As Note 4 is expected to receive a tough competition from these devices, the Korean Smartphone maker will probably ensure that Note 4 is at least equal to the devices if not better.

Reports also include that Samsung is probably looking forward to a better and improved version of ‘AMOLED’ screen for Galaxy Note 4. The fact that ‘AMOLED’ screen has worked well for Samsung till date, some people are also of the thought that the Smartphone maker will stick to it.

The device is also expected to have a curved screen at the edges instead of a complete flat panel in order to reduce the effect of bezel. In that case, there will be a distinct change in the appearance of the device. It will probably be worth looking forward to considering the hype that curved screens have produced in recent times.

Although Apple has not had a lot of upper hand in its competition with Samsung during the last few year, but Apple is the only Smartphone maker till date who uses 64 bit chips. All this is expected to change this year around as the chances state that Galaxy Note 4 with will join the league. Rumors have it that Note 4 will, be boosted by Adreno 330 GU and a RAM of 4GB and 64-bit processor chips.

With literally a year over for Note 3, Note 4 is gathering a lot of attention from the users. According to the reports, we will probably be able to take a look at Note 4 officially before the end of the year. Some rumors claim that the month of launch is September, but one will have to wait a few more days to verify.


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