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Facebook is rolling out a new “Shared Photo” album feature.

Facebook announcement on Monday declares about its new feature which is rolling out recently. This feature will allow multiple users to upload images in the same album, as Mashable says. Whereas previously,  one user could upload images in the album created by own with a maximum limit of 1,000 photos per album. The new feature would allow 50 people to share their memories in the same album on Facebook.


In addition, each individual have permission uploading maximum 200 photos and collectively around 1000 photos. The contributors can tag, edit and give captions to the shared images. For privacy concerns one can restrict the photo in a particular group. The new feature was announced during one of the biggest Facebook’s companywide hackathon sessions.

Facebook new app flags easier experiences for the contest and business and would be benefiting online business as a whole. Thus, it is going to seriously work on building social community and even deeper social networking system.

Through the change of Facebook’s Page Terms, brands may now administer promotions right on their Page Timelines and also in apps on the social network. However, placement on personal Timelines is still prohibited.

Facebook also comments that the impact of uncontrolled uploading on facebook, is making it difficult carry with. Moreover, people are wasting a lot of time on facebook in tagging business. Besides this, user’s will also get option of sharing images from Facebook sites to the Google +. Hence, it help them in enjoying and sharing more than ever before, but at same Facebook has decided to take care of all security measures.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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