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Acer unveils new Chromebook 13 with NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor

The recent addition to the line of Chromebook was officially unveiled on Monday by NVIDIA and Acer. The new Chromebook is supposed to be the first of its kind at console level gaming Chrome OS powered laptop. The new Chromebook 13 is powered by the Nvidia’s Tegra-K1 and is expected to give the users one hell of a gaming experience. According to the makers, Chromebook 13 will not limit itself to normal usage like surfing the internet, the office work, etc. The new device has been aimed at providing the users with an experience which is generally available on large screen desktops and laptops.acer-chromebook-13

Acer’s Chromebook 13 comes at a screen size of 13 inches and is powered by a small chip, NVIDIA’s Tegra-K1. According to the manufacturers, Tegra-K1 is well equipped to handle immense high quality of images and graphics to provide the users a experience like never before.

The prime attraction of the 13-inch Chromebook is the claim to achieve a 13 hour drive on a single charge. As we are well aware that battery backup is one of the primary concerns considered while buying a laptop, Chromebook with 13 hour battery life will surely attract attention. The claim is yet to be tested. Provided that Chromebook does provides a battery support of something near to it, Apple’s MacBook Air will have its work cut out.

Other features include a sleek design and a varied set of memory. Acer Chromebook 13 is just 18mm thick, 1 mm more than its competitor MacBook Air and weighs only a meager 3.3 pounds. It will be available for the customers in three different price categories of approximately about $280, $300 and $380. According to the reports, Chromebook 13 will be available for the customers from September. In the meantime, Amazon and Best Buy have been vested with the responsibility of taking preorders for the device.


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