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Virginia records fastest average Internet speed in the United States

Virginia, United States’ sate which raised most presidents and which houses CIA has become the undisputed winner in terms of average Internet speed, and that doesn’t mean it has the fastest Internet in the nation.

The southern state of the United States has overtaken northeastern part in terms of average Internet speed, while the stats show that Virginia has double Internet speed than Montana, Kentucky, Alaska and Arkansas. Generally, northern states seem to have faster Internet connections, however, this news will clear your thoughts.

A new map of U.S. states with high-speed internet (or low-speed) has been revealed by Broadview Networks that shows all states with its internet connection. The map shows that Virginia gets more high-speed internet service that speed up to 13.7 Mbps.

Surprisingly, the northern states of the United States Wyoming, Montana and Idaho ranked low in the heat map of connection speeds. And these states could have performed better if the government (or people?) took necessary actions in this term.

To create the heat map of United States’ hottest states with Internet speeds, Broadview Networks grabbed data from ‘Akamai’s State of the Internet’ report for Q1 2014. The map shows that the closest competitors for Virginia are Massachusetts and Delaware with 13.1 Mbps of average Internet speed.

Although Virginia saw a decline in its average connection speed, the state has managed to hold the top spot. In Q4 2013, Virginia had 4.3% higher average Internet speed. This report also suggests that Virginia’s average Internet speed is highest in America, but other countries like South Korea and Hong Kong. South Korea’s average Internet speed clocks at 23.6 Mbps, almost double of United States’ Virginia. Hong Kong has an average Internet speed registered at 13.3 Mbps. We are talking about the ‘whole’ country here.

Alaska has been crowned as the state with slowest Internet speed of 7 Mbps, while Montana, Kentucky and Arkansas recorded the average speed of 7.3 Mbps. Massachusetts users also enjoy high-speed broadband, it receives an average speed of 13.1 Mbps and people from Rhode Island enjoys broadband speed up to 12.9 Mbps. Silicon Valley homeland, California receives an average speed of 10.9 Mbps, it shows homeland of Apple, Google, Intel and Facebook receives a lower speed than Utah and North Dakota. The report says Utah receives an average speed of 12.1 Mbps and Wisconsin receives an average broadband internet speed of 11.7 Mbps.

Since last quarter, Michigan has gained 13 percent in Internet speed, while Massachusetts gained only 2.6 percent. Virginia is the only state which lost 4.3 percent in a quarter.

heat map

Top 10 states with fastest internet:

  1. Virginia (13.7 Mbps)
  2. Delaware (13.1 Mbps)
  3. Massachusetts (13.1 Mbps)
  4. Rhode Island (12.9 Mbps)
  5. Washington, DC (12.8 Mbps)
  6. Washington (12.5 Mbps)
  7. New Hampshire (12.3 Mbps)
  8. Utah (12.1 Mbps)
  9. Michigan (11.8 Mbps)
  10. Connecticut (11.7 Mbps)

Top 10 states with lowest average internet speed:

  1. Alaska (7.0 Mbps)
  2. Kentucky (7.3 Mbps)
  3. Arkansas (7.3 Mbps)
  4. Montana (7.3 Mbps)
  5. West Virginia (7.5 Mbps)
  6. New Mexico (7.6 Mbps)
  7. Mississippi (7.6 Mbps)
  8. Idaho (7.7 Mbps)
  9. Missouri (7.7 Mbps)
  10. Louisiana (7.7 Mbps)

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  1. You might want to get new data. Missouri had Google fiber, fastest internet in the US.

  2. I get 55 Mbps with Comcast. I don't like their cable TV service and use Dish, but I wouldn't have any other provider for my internet. My service is rarely interrupted… about 2 times a year for a few hours.

  3. Anyone who is surprised that Montana has slow speeds shouldn't be writing about the internet.


  4. Comcast here in Chattanooga gets about 30 Mbps.
    But Chattanooga also has 1 Gig speed through the Electric Power Board.

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