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Hacking group wishes to aid automobile industry against cyber threats

It has been reported that a hacking group and security professionals are putting forward helping hand to the automobile industry. According to the reports, the top hackers and security professionals from around the world are looking forward to create better relationship with the auto makers around the world. In his effort, the communities of Hackers have put forward a helping hand to protect the automobile industry from being harassed by Cyber crime.def-con-22-logo

The original proposition has been put forward by a non-profit organization, ‘I am the Cavalry’. The community has requested all the members who are going to visit the DEF CON Hacking Conference this weekend to sign an open letter to all the CEO’s of the major automobile makers. The DEF CON Hacking Conference will be held in the city of Las Vegas and the number of people attending the conference is also expected to be very high.

According to the statement issues by the non-profit community, the two worlds of Automobiles and computers were very distinct in the past. But now as the cars are even getting smarter, it is extremely important for the automobile makers to take the preventive measures that is required to keep automobiles out of the cyber crime network.

As the modern-day vehicles are mostly dependent of small microchips and processors for various functions like windshields, airbags, brakes, etc, it is only a matter of time when the cyber criminals will deduce out a way to exploit the software glitches. Thus, this will expose the whole automobile to various risks including a fatal accident.

The non-profit group has ensured that it keeps the objective of the letter clear for the CEO’s of the major automobile companies. One has to realize that if the cyber criminals deduce the way to use software glitches to cause accidents or harm of any kind, one might just have to experience a lot of foul incidents.

Why is the Hacking Group so keen to help?

What has made this proposal even more interesting is that why are the security professional professionals suddenly jumping out of their seats to help the automobile industry. Many people are of the thoughts that community might have already found out something big and are not revealing it publicly to increase the risks. The reports account for a discreet meeting of the group which accounted for the methods to hack a car and other electronic devices.

The group ‘Cavalry’ has to be given the credits to protect the weakness of the industry but the question is how long? It will be very interesting to see how the automobile industry reacts to the ‘Open Letter’!

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