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Facebook forces mobile users to download messenger app

As Facebook seeks to make the Messenger app the only way to send messages, the company is forcing users to download their app, despite privacy concerns.facebook-messenger-app-screenshot

With over 1 billion downloads since its launch the messenger app will be the only way for Facebook users to chat in the coming days. Certain users already have started receiving messages that the messages can be viewed only on downloading the app. Though many Facebook users use the native app, the messenger app is not preferred by many because of privacy concerns. The most criticized permissions are the ability to access calls and using the camera without any permission.

Facebook has denied all the privacy concerns over the app saying that the company wanted to “avoid confusion of having separate Facebook experiences”. The company move has not gone down well with several users posting bad rating on the Play Store. The company mentioned that the permissions were for the app to work and not for intrusion of privacy. The permissions are required for the site to display content related to user friend lists and interests, the company added.

However iOS users have the option of customizing permissions where a user can disable access to microphone if no calls are done via the Messenger app. Android users have to agree to all permissions before installing the app. Both iOS and Android apps use the same Facebook data policies for use of information. Despite privacy concerns, many users have downloaded the Messenger app, who disappointed with Facebook’s move to split the chat feature into another app.

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