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Ban on Apple products in the govt procurement list is greatly exaggerated, says China

China had refuted rumors of a government ban on Apple products and stated that the company was not included in the list of energy-efficient products.apple-china

Few days back, a rumor mentioned that China had banned Apple products for government use. On Friday, the Chinese Central Procurement Centre and the company’s finance division mentioned that Apple’s exclusion in the list of energy-efficient products was not due to security reasons. The earlier report on Wednesday had stated that Apple’s 10 products including MacBook’s and laptops were taken off from the government procurement list.

China’s Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission jointly publishes a list of energy-efficient products “semi-annually,” according to Chinese publication Ciaxin. A source from the government also added that it was not a government ban, but a simple error in the filing of procurement list. Apple was never on the list of energy-efficient products, the ministry said.

A Finance  Ministry  Fax sent to Reuters on Thursday reads:

“Even though Apple has a certification for energy-saving products, it has never provided the necessary verification material and agreements, according to regulators.”

A report revealed that some of Apple products were on the procurement list in June but were removed in July after a newer model was released. It remains unclear if the list different from the energy-efficient list. On Friday, Apple products were back on sale on the government’s website. A Beijing-based supplier, employee stated that the ministry never mentioned the products had anything to do with national security. Even though Apple products have been hugely popular in China, security concerns have been affecting  their growth for some time.


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