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After Google, Yahoo joins the rally in email encryption for safer Internet

With the threat of theft always hanging like a sword on the users, the use of the Internet has changed a lot. Thus, in such a situation, it feels good to have Google and Yahoo come together to make things over the internet more safe (especially to protect users’ emails from government snooping). The situation is becoming increasingly hard for the association to latch on to their users due to the increasing risks. Both Google and Yahoo share the same view that if they can make the Internet a much safer place for the users, the associations will ultimately end up having more business.After Google, Yahoo joins the rally to make internet safe

The situation of the Internet is such that the users are more often than not primarily worried about their own privacy. With the recent major leaks of user id and passwords in major social networking sites, the fear has just widened up.

Thus, when Privacy is actually ending up causing this mess, Google and Yahoo have decided to work together to put up a strong force to protect the privacy of the users. According to the reports that we have, Google and Yahoo plans to provide protection of Privacy for the users.

In reports, one can find the assurance provided by Google and Yahoo that the planning is such that the users will be able to protect their data from the bad guys as well as the government. There has been a lot of talk about Facebook sharing private information of the users with Government departments in the name of further security.

According to the report, the first step to be taken by Yahoo will be securing the line of email service. Yahoo claims to launch a service of encrypted emails which will allow the users a further security. The feature is expected to be an optional one as the users will have the freedom to use it or not. With both Google and Yahoo are working on the email encryption, one will have to watch out for the next step that comes in!

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