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Quora introduces Reading List, removes Private and Secret blogs

The most popular question-and-answer website Quora has introduced a new feature called Reading List, where users can save questions, answers and interested posts to read it later. Apart from this feature, Quora has announced to end support for Private and Secret blogs from September 2 onwards.quora-reading-list

Quora’s Reading List feature is available on the web version as well as iOS and Android apps. To use this feature, you need to click on the additional menu next to all content (3 dots in apps) and save it to Reading List to read it later.

Removal of Private and Secret blogs:

Quora announced the ending of support to Private and Secret blogs this week and started to send emails regarding the removal of these blogs today. Now, users can’t create such blogs, however, only public blogs can be created and the support is available for the same. All private and secret blogs will be deleted from Quora on September 2 onwards.

In an email, Quora stated:

Many people enjoy private secret blogs and use them for social community, collaborative writing, and collecting content on Quora. This said, fewer than 5% of Quora blogs are private or secret; of these, just 5% have more than one contributor (most private/secret blogs are for personal collection / read later uses). Given that private and secret blogs are the only non-public spaces on Quora, they are a significant burden for us to protect the access restrictions of these blogs inside a system that is otherwise open. Keeping support for private and secret blogs is something that is required across each new feature we add to Quora, so the investment we have to make is ongoing. We know many active contributors on Quora love using private and secret blogs, but ending our support for them means that we’ll be able to move faster improving Quora for all contributors.

Quora will be sending an email to all the authors, owners and followers of each private and secret blogs with a set of all the content from that blog, including comments as well. If users still want to keep those blogs in Quora, then they will have to make those blogs ‘public.’


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