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Uber and Lyft add ride sharing to benefit the passengers

The organizations like Lyft and Uber have literally revolutionized the way an average person travels these days. Lyft and Uber are the two most popular car sharing services with their main base at California. They have literally taken the fun of riding to work or to a party to another level. To add another feather to their crown of Glory, they have added another feature to their list.Uber and Lyft add ride sharing to benefit the passengers

Till date, Uber and Lyft was basically car sharing services where one can attain the luxury of a sedan while going to work without buying one. Interestingly, the feature of sharing remains the same, but the form has been redefined. According to the reports and the official application of both the organizations, they will be allowing passengers to share the cars as well. The feature will allow people to share the ride with a stranger along the route. The features have been termed as UberPool and Lyft Line by the respective companies.

Under the specific ride sharing feature, people will also be able to share the fare accordingly and thus making the journey much cheaper. Initially, the service has been termed as a social experiment to look at the reaction of the people by Uber. On the other hand, Lyft is solely focusing to providing the passengers a luxurious and cheap ride.

Along with the reaction of the people, one will also have to keep a note of reactions submitted by various other public vehicle organizations. The general thought is that Uber and Lyft are solely responsible for the so-called endangerment of Taxis. The market experts are of the idea that the ride sharing feature will also affect the number of people who will opt for busses. It will be extremely interesting to see the reaction of the people to the ride sharing feature.

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