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Google confirms sale of floating barge in Portland

As people are wondering the purpose of Google’s mystery barges that were docked in Portland, Maine and San Francisco, last year, the company has confirmed the sale of a barge in Maine.google-barge-portland

The four-story floating barges were rumored to be a Google classroom for creating awareness about the company’s technology or a showroom for its products. The company has never revealed the purpose of the barges. The barge in California will remain while the one docked in Maine is being sold to a scrap yard. According to a report by Portland Press Herald on Thursday, Google’s unfinished barge project in Portland has been halted and the materials will be scrapped.

Google had major plans to showcase the Google Glass and other Google X technology to the VIP, employees and eventually to the consumers. The reason for the wrapping of the project is likely due to the patent issues relating to barges which delayed the project that was slated to launch in November. The documents of the barges revealed the layout with sails similar to huge fish-fins and a four-story structure.

The floating barge consisting of 63 shipping containers was built in New London by C&C Marine and the estimated value of the barge is $4 million. By and Large LLC, owned by Google paid the $400,000 docking fees to the City of Portland, Maine since October. The Portland barge beating the registration number “BAL 0011” has been towed to Turner’s Island Cargo Terminal. The owner of Turner’s mentioned that the barge has been bought by an unnamed company and will be taken to an unknown location.


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