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In US, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) sues Samsung over patent disputes

Microsoft has filed a patent case in the Manhattan federal court and in that email, it seeks monetary recovery from the Samsung Corporation. In the meanwhile, Microsoft hasn’t revealed the recovery amount to the public.microsoft2-660x350

Deputy General counsel of Microsoft, Mr. David Howard has written in the blog post:

“Microsoft “values and respects our partnership” with Samsung, but differs with Samsung over how to interpret the licensing agreement. “Unfortunately, even partners sometimes disagree.”

Samsung Corporation said that they will review the complaint in detail and also they will provide an exact response for that. The Microsoft is always trying to compete the android operating system based mobile devices with its new products, and in reply, Microsoft has announced that it has raised its cost for android device makers, and also convinced other manufactures to pay Microsoft patent royalties.

Almost most of the top producers of Android handsets have accepted the conditions of Microsoft and they made an agreement accordingly to it.

The lawsuit says,

After signing the agreement, Samsung has paid its first payment in the year 2011 and after the announcement of Microsoft about Nokia deal previous year, Samsung has refused to pay the amount. By refusing the payment terms, Samsung Corporation has breached the licensing agreement with Microsoft. After a period of time, Samsung has eventually paid the payment to the Microsoft and also Samsung refuses to pay the interest. And also Samsung also claims smartphone products sold by Microsoft after the Nokia deal is not covered by the licensing deal.

The case has been filed in U.S District Court, New York southern district, 14-6039.

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  1. Pam Ecker Dalrymple

    Microsoft is suing Samsung over royalties on a free Google OS. Something is not right here. RDal

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