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Comcast increased its broadband speeds in California, Texas, Kansas and Missouri

Comcast has recently released a report that says that it has increased the speed of its Internet services in California and also in particular parts in Texas, Kansas and Missouri. The company announced the speedups for three of the Xfinity Internet tiers namely Extreme 105, Blast and Performance.comcast-internet-speed-press-release

These plans have a previous speed of 105 Mbps, 50 Mbps and 25 Mbps speeds respectively; now the company has increased the speed of those plans to 150 Mbps, 105 Mbps and 50 Mbps. The speed of Performance plan has been doubled and in the meantime, the speed of Extreme plan has been given to Blast and Extreme has boosted to 150 Mbps. Other than these three plans, no changes were made by Comcast.

Senior Vice President of Data & Communication of Comcast, Mr. Eric Schafer told

“We continue to deliver the fastest speeds to the most homes so our customers can have a terrific online experience customers need an Internet provider that can deliver speed and reliability.”

Comcast has also informed that the subscribers in few parts of California cannot use this high-speed features, those areas involve Rio Vista, Santa Cruz, Scott Valley, Lodi and Isleton. Others can enjoy the high-speed at free of cost and those customers who were willing to use the faster Internet should change their standard modem to a high-speed one.

Comcast also said that the customers who don’t have a proper high-speed modem will be notified by the company, so that they can enjoy high-speed Internet without any hassle.

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