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Amazon Fire Phone catches up with consumers

Amazon’s Fire Phone with its fair share of unique features has become the top-selling mobile device on Amazon, all week with its increasing popularity among consumers.amazon-fire-phone

The unique device priced at $650 for the 32GB version similar to the pricing of iPhone 5s and Samsung S5. Though the Fire phone hasn’t impressed critics, consumers are actually buying the device. The device is known to offer glass-free 3D images and touch less tilt gesture controls. Ever since Monday, Amazon’s 32GB Fire phone has remained in the top position while the 64GB version which costs $100 more is outside the top. Other phones in the top ten are filled by Samsung and LG, according to a copy of Amazon feed.

Most of Amazon’s electronics remain on the top-selling list and interpretation is harder as the company has not released sales volume of the devices. The Fire phone has Amazon has received 3.3 stars out of 5 in reviews. Though there are a certain number of unique features, the company will have to provide a competitive pricing for increasing its smartphone sales.

Though the 3D feature may not impress certain consumers, the main aspect of the device lies in providing a shopping experience to users. The Firefly feature in the device allows users to purchase almost anything and there are links that connect to Amazon’s content store. However, Amazon could have opted for a lower price and could have sold the smartphone in millions. The competition in the smartphone market is set to rise with the release of iPhone 6 and HTC Nexus 6.


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  1. I'm an amazon user and I don't trust their numbers on this gimmicky phone.

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