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Blackberry lets one developer own a third of its app store

Blackberry World offers users a choice of about 120,000 apps and Blackberry has a thriving ecosystem with Blackberry 10 – these were the words spoken by CEO Thorsten Heins at a developer conference this May. S4BB a Hong Kong based developer has published over 47,000 apps from its launch. And the real issue is that over a third of Blackberry’s apps comes from this developer.

Though S4BB has a range of apps to choose from only very few seem to be really useful . though some of the camera apps have solid reviews, many apps which offers updates from the white house and city guide apps are just repacked RSS feeds. Separate apps for wallpapers, eBooks and videos are also available but they lack in providing the experience for Blackberry users. Its still hard to find some high quality legitimate apps in the Blackberry World.

Blackberry Z10

Even though Blackberry boasts of its 100,000+ app store it is still lagging behind Google Play and Apple’s app store . Over 160,000 apps are available in Windows phone whereas Google Play and Apple’s app store are closer to reaching 1 million. Blackberry World would further fall in the numbers game if it didn’t have S4BB who delivers spammy apps. Nevertheless, Blackberry doesn’t seem to put up some effort to bring up some quality apps to its Blackberry 10.

Even important apps like Netflix, Hulu, Vine and quite a bit of  popular games haven’t found their way into their world which users want. The main reason for the Blackberry for having so much of apps in numbers but lacking in quality was their 10000 dollars bounty per certified app for a developer. This trend led has to a App store in numbers with little substance. Going by the company’s statements currently they have no decision to change the trend.

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