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Twitter now allows embedding tweets inside a tweet for web users

Now you can embed tweets on Twitter. It was already tested on Android and iOS Apps and received great response. By Twitter’s rolling out of this feature, users can re-tweet any tweets in a better way. Just copy paste the tweet links in new Tweet without loosing 140 Characters. As a micro-blogging service, Twitter allows you only 140 characters in a single tweet. What makes it so special with the new feature update is, it automatically embeds the link you have pasted.twitter_primary-100042755-gallery

After posting the tweet in the web version, you can notice that embedded tweets are shown as an image and are clickable. Users  have to click and expand to view the embedded tweet as an image and can go through it with a further click. These steps made very few users unpleasant. Some say it’s more time-consuming than the previous way of re-tweeting. I feel like, this micro-blogging service really made it look smarter than ever. We have to wait and see for user responses and reviews  about  Embedding Tweets on Desktop or Web version.

Anyways, it seems like twitter is really concerned about the user experience. Two days back, Twitter also revealed their Second Quarter Reports for 2014. It says their revenue is up by 124% than the previous year.

May be all these good sign made them concentrate on user side. These two lines (below) by Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter clearly explains their concern about user engagement.

“We remain focused on driving increased user growth and engagement, and by developing new product experiences, like the one we built around the World Cup, we believe we can extend Twitter’s appeal to an even broader audience.”

Hope Twitter will roll out further updates to make both the web version and smartphone apps more smarter. Do you find this feature interesting and useful for your daily tweeting activities?


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