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Rumored iPhone 6 vs LG G3: specifications, features compared

Both upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and LG G3 are the top most mobiles with high-end features that are unseen in any of the latest mobiles. Both of them belong to the top-tier level, but consumers will face a dilemma, while buying these pieces of technologies. BTW, LG G3 is considered as the one of the top class android devices of the year 2014.iphone-6-vs-lg-g3

Before the release of LG G3, LG G2 was a challenger for Apple iPhone 5s and also for Samsung Galaxy S4. And it is rated as one of the best smartphones in the global market, and most of the people go to LG G2 instead of buying Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5s. Now LG has released its LG G3 to beat other rivals in the smartphones war. LG G3 comes with something better and something excellent when compared to its predecessors.

LG has released its LG G3 to beat the sales of Apple iPhone 6, which is the lethal weapon of Apple. While rumors say that the Apple iPhone will hit the market in the month of September and it comes with more exciting features than its predecessors. Here I have mentioned the best features that are found in both LG G3 and the rumored specifications of Apple iPhone 6.


Till now the screen size of the android devices cannot be beaten by the iOS mobile phones, and the latest version of iPhone 5s has only 4-inch Retina display. Rumors say that iPhone 6 will have two sizes of display, one with 4.7 inch display (quite large while compared to its predecessors) and another model with screen size of 5.5 inch screen. LG G3 comes with larger QHD display with higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 that provides an excellent quality of 534 PPI in density and it is considered as the first phone that comes with QHD display in the global market.

What Makes LG G3 Display more Special?

There is no doubt that this device screen will be the fantastic one to use; LG G3 is quite marvelous when compared to other devices. While comparing LG G3 with Apple iPhone 6, you can find extra sharpness and clarity on it. The clarity of a device depends upon its resolution, brightness as well as the contrast ratio; LG G3 has an excellent ratio of above three criteria. The LG G3 screen works like OLED and plasma screen technology, in that it will provide illumination wherever the light is needed. However, the dynamic range of LG G3 doesn’t hit the range of Samsung Galaxy S5.

LG G3 provides more excellent color and it looks more natural. But, in the daylight, the brightness is fantastic and it provides decent viewing angles. And one more thing is that, if the resolution gets higher, the battery will drain more. LG G3 has a few tricks to save battery life and it provides more efficient display quality in low battery life.

Apple iPhone 6 has introduced a new technology in the world of mobile; Apple has implemented Quantum Dots display in the upcoming version of iPhone. The Quantum Dots display provides more quality and clarity for the users and sapphire glass will give crisper clarity in the resolution. By providing the Sapphire glass in the screen will make it scratch resistant and in the meantime, makes your device to resist any sorts of impacts.

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What is Quantum Dots Display?

The Quantum Dots display is made up of semi-conductor nano particles that will emit light when electricity is passed, it’s similar to the OLED display technology. Apple has planned to release 4.7-inch model of iPhone 6 in the end of September; and it comes with the resolution of 1704 x 906 pixels. The PPI of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches will be 416 and 365 respectively. The bigger version of iPhone 6 may not come until 2015.


In design, both LG G3 and upcoming iPhone 6 has similar looks and they are great in designs. Basically, LG G3 is a fantastic and also a massive device and it perfectly suits for those people who always admire large devices. LG G3 weighs over 149g only and it is less in weight when compared to HTC one M8. It measures 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 millimeter and provides an excellent appearance with its tapered edge design. In addition to that, the ergonomics of LG G3 is quite impressive, and it is very easy to handle with a single hand. Like previous models, it has volume buttons and lock button; also the controls are easier to use with both hands. There is no difference in usage, either if you use it with right hand or left hand.

The power button has a dotted texture with a circular shape, gives a separate look at the device and the volume button is oval in shape with same texture of power button. In LG G3, there is no availability of a dedicated camera button, but you can access the camera menu by holding the volume down button for few seconds and in the same way, you can get Quickmemo by holding the volume up button. The 3.5 mm audio jack and MicroUSB port are placed in the bottom of the device makes it more aesthetically pleasing. LG G3 has a plastic textured cover that covers the whole device and the body cover is made up of the same material that all device covers are made up of. If we remove the cover we can able to insert MicroSD card and micro SIM card in it.

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The design and look of the upcoming iPhone 6 has been not yet confirmed by the Apple Inc., but the leaks about the iPhone says that the device will have a curved display that gives an additional look for the iPhone 6. Till now, we cannot judge the exact look and design of the iPhone 6, the leaks show that the device will have light-up notification logo on its back panel and the device will come in two sizes. The first model with 4.7-inch screen size that is comparatively bigger than the size of iPhone 5s and another model will be 5.5-inch of screen size, especially designed for phablet users. From the following video you can see the interior panel of the upcoming iPhone 6.

Performance and Connectivity

LG G3 has a processor of Qualcomm’s latest quad-core processor and the quad-core Snapdragon processor with a clock speed of 2.5GHz. LG G3 has two versions of RAM, 2GB version and 3GB version. The device with 16GB has 2GB of RAM and the device with 32GB internal memory has a RAM of 3GB.  In Geekbench 3, LG G3 has scored 2,425 and it provides excellent performance with high amount of RAM.  L3 is more powerful one and even it provides a smoother experience while playing high-end graphic games in QHD screen.

The upcoming iPhone 6 will be powered by Apple A8 Processor which has been in mass production by TMSC. In addition to this, the rumor says that the upcoming iPhone 6 will be powered by 2 Ghz of processing speed. We know that iPhone 5s is powered by A7 processor with clock speed of 1.4GHz; on the upcoming iPhone 6, Apple has powered up the speed of the device.

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One of the more quite interesting things in LG G3 is that, it comes with IR blaster, can be used for IR remote apps too. In addition to this, it comes with NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and also with 4G. The connectivity features of the upcoming iPhone 6 has not been confirmed by any official sources, but most of the rumors say that it features with latest Wi-Fi protocol (IEEE 802.ac) and claims that iPhone 6 may get NFC feature.

Storage and Battery

LG G3 has two versions of internal storage; it has on-board internal storage of 16 GB and 32 GB. But the upcoming iPhone 6 has internal storages from 16 GB to 128 GB of internal storage, but some leaks say that Apple has planned to kill 16 GB version of iPhone 6 to boost up sales of 32 GB and 64 GB versions.

LG G3 has a 3,000mAh battery that allows the device to run for longer time, and in the meanwhile upcoming iPhone 6 might have a battery capacity from 1,700 to 2,100mAh. Since iPhone 6 has Quantum Dots technology, the battery consumption will be lesser and provides more standby time.


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