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Yelp adds 12-second video feature for iPhone users

Business review site Yelp announced on Monday, a new feature for iPhone app that would allow users to post short videos along with the posts.yelp-ios-app-screenshot

The video which is three to twelve seconds long can be uploaded by Yelp users to visually depict the business aspects like design, lighting, noise levels or capture interactions between employees in a business. Yelp users are uploading more than 25,000 photos to the site everyday, and the company hopes that the new feature will make a user to stay on a business page for a longer time.

“A video can also better convey a business’s space and size with quick panoramic tour. It can also better highlight some of the unique features of the local businesses that make them truly special,” said Yelp in a blog post.

The company has brought in the new feature after research found that visuals on a business page made a user to stay 2.5 seconds longer. The company mentioned that the videos are not meant for reviews alone, but to deliver the ambiance of the place. The short duration of the videos is similar to Vine and users can quickly decide if the place is suitable for a dine-in in case of a restaurant.

Earlier, Madhu Prabaker, product manager at Yelp said in a May 2014 interview that the new feature will make business owners go to great lengths to ensure the right ambiance, lighting or noise level. Yelp will also receive takedown notices from establishments in case of defaming videos. The new feature is currently available for iPhone users and will be available to Android shortly.

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