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Rumors: New iPad and iPhone 6 release delayed by Apple

Apple is certainly one of the most favored topics of discussion of the talker in Internet. To be precise, one can never count the number of rumors that spring up about the company and its products. According to the recent rumors that have caught the eyes, Apple’s 5.5 inch iPhone and iPad release may well be pushed up to September this year. There is no doubt of the fact that Apple has a string of products that are all set to invade the market, but the ultimate question that troubles all is “When?”.Apple delays next iPad and iPhone launch: Rumors and Speculations

The recent rumors about the delay in the launch of 5.5 inch iPhone and iPad were first put forward in the Taiwanese media. According to the rumors, the iPhone makers are looking forward to delay the global launch of their much awaited 5.5 inch iPhone and the next models of iPad Mini and iPad Air.

The rumors about the above mentioned devices have always had a curious look at it considering the quality of the product. Thus it becomes quite obvious for people expect quite a few things out of it. Speaking of the 5.5 inch iPhone, which is also termed as a Phablet is a flagship model from Apple.

Rumors have it that the production of the 5.5 inch Phablet is facing quite a few issues with the touch panel and the display. Thus, the company is deliberately looking forward to delay the launch as much as possible. Other rumors include that Apple will probably launch the model with a limited capacity and the reason for it is again referred back to the manufacturing issues.

The rumors about the next iPad Mini and iPad Air also points to the delay in the launch. If we believe in the rumors, Apple is having similar Touch panel issues with the iPads as well. On the other hand, some people are of the belief that considering the fall in the market for iPad, Apple is looking to delay the launch.

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